Monday, February 2, 2015

Creative Collaboration: A Giveaway With Belinda Love Lee

Sometimes, when you go looking, you meet someone who inspires you with their creativity, style and let's-make-it-happen attitude. When we came across Belinda Love Lee's Instagram gallery full of photos shot with an artistic eye, we took notice. Upon closer examination, we discovered that Belinda is a talented illustrator and designer. That of course explains why her photos are so beautifully styled in a minimal and thoughtful way.

Hand written lettering and illustrations are an essential part of Belinda's designs.

But what we admire about Belinda goes beyond creativity and style. She did what so many of us dream about doing...she took her talents, concentrated her efforts, and took the real plunge. She daringly took her dreams and made them a reality and forged a successful business centered around her talents and creativity. No small feat in the competitive world of design.

Illustrations and Design work by Belinda Love Lee

So it's an honor to have Belinda on board with Jay + Renae as a Creative Collaborator. When we reached out to her a couple months ago and introduced ourselves, Belinda responded with enthusiasm for what we're building. It inspires us that amazing and strong women like Belinda are willing to give so generously of their time, effort and energy to support our Collective's efforts and help us realize our vision more fully.

Jay + Renae Giveaway with Belinda Love Lee on Instagram

Together, we are jointly celebrating women in creative ventures, recognizing each others contributions to our communtiy of strong women entrepreneurs, and helping to foster success by supporting each others' efforts. And to celebrate our collaboration, Belinda is hosting a giveaway with our Collective's Founding Maker Rebecca Scott. Hop on over to Belinda Love Lee to enter and win one of Rebecca Scott's handmade pieces valued up to $150 USD (retail value).

Rebecca Scott of Jay + Renae Collective Win one of her pieces valued up to $150 USD (retail value) Visit the SHOP to view the whole collection. 

Rebecca's work focuses on highlighting striking cuts of gemstones in minimal designs. She also harnesses the ancient art of weaving to create a distinctly modern Woven Collection. Her woven pieces sparkle with just the right hint of gold and gemstones for a sophisticated yet casual vibe.

Visit her Etsy shop to view Rebecca's entire collection. And head over to Belinda's beautiful blog to get all the details to enter and win!

Good Luck Everyone!


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